Our Estate Wines

Mewstone Wines

Mewstone wines are made solely from fruit grown on our own vineyard in Flowerpot. These wines are intended to represent place and season. Every care is taken throughout the growing season to bring the highest quality of fruit to harvest. The winemaking is aimed at harnessing the strengths of our site. We hope these wines will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Our Winemaking project

hughes & hughes Wines

These wines seek to champion varietal expression. We seek to add texture and complexity but not at the expense of enjoyment and purity. The winemaking can be a little experimental and playful. We hope these wines are enjoyed over and over again from day one.

Single Site Wines

hughes & hughes Single Site Wines

Each year we find parcels of fruit from our growers that represent something a bit special. These wines are chosen for their quality and expression of place.  With the diverse growing conditions around Tasmania we eagerly anticipate which patches will stand out after vintage. Once selected they are matured a little longer before bottling and release. 

Low-fi winemaking

hughes & hughes Living Wines

Our most playful expressions are made without sulphur. Seasonal wines that explore texture and continue to evolve after bottling.